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Time Riders...

100 years ago, on December 6 1914 Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa took Mexico City. One hundred years later, a group of actors farmers try to replicate the feat. On their way through different towns, from Quebrantadero, Morelos to Mexico City, actors clashes between past and present will be given. The parallel is such that forces us to ask, how much has really happened in a century?

A hundred years after the meeting between Zapata and Villa in Xochimilco occurred in December 1914, the Group Actoral South Zapatista Revolution, decides to ride the Quebrantadero, Morelos, Mexico City, to meet Villa in Xochimilco. The ghosts of generals authentic liberation army will accompany them along the way.SEE TRAILER

See Trailer

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Credits / Cast and Crew

Cast: Grupo Actoral de la Revolución Zapatista del Sur
Direction: José Ramón Pedroza
Production: Inti Cordera, Concepción Taboada, Karl Lenin González,Froylán Rascón, José Ramón Pedroza
Script: Violeta Salmón, Alfredo Mendoza, José Ramón Pedroza
Photography: Roberto Fernández, Hector Maeshiro
Edition: Carlos López
Music: Agustín Barbabosa, Jesús Peredo



The Involved

HuapangueroVolador Films
Mi puebloTV
Actoral group ACZapatista Revolution.

Huapanguero  Volador Films.

Production company where converge different artisans of audiovisual language: sound technicians, cinematographers, screenwriters, producers, musicians, anthropologists and researchers in finding their own language, and in an effort to generate national and international funding for production, exhibition and distribution of projects, cultural, historical and anthropological, social freedom and creative content accordingly.

Mi Pueblo TV. 

It is doomed to the creation of audiovisual content, based Zacoalpan de Amilpas, Morelos organization whose force majeure is to train youth in the region so that they know and master the techniques of audiovisual production, to capture and portray so professional important events for their community.

Actoral group AC Zapatista Revolution. 

Founded in 2010, it is a legacy of Teatro Campesino group that existed from 1930 to 1996 in the Quebrantadero, Morelos. They have been dedicated to preserving the theatrical tradition in this region, riding above passages astride the Zapatista history, although they have also avocado to revive the ancient tradition of “challenges” Spanish medieval works, coming from the conquest, with the theme of the struggle between Moors and Christians.





Born in 1970

  • He has worked as an independent filmmaker, playwright and teacher.
    Among the documentaries he has produced it is “The Charter … Sagrario has never died for me.” Which he had a special mention at the Latin American Film Festival of Flanders(Netherlands).
  • His short documentary entitled “The peasant who believed in God , ” won the Best Short Documentary Award at the FIDOCS, Chile’s Festivaal 2003. festival.
  • “Time Riders” was his first film as director.
  • “As an academic he has taught courses and workshops in various forums and currently teaches documentary film at the SAE Institute, Mexico City, Mexico.




She has worked in Mexico with issues and trade since the 80s, rolling in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. It has also been producing several Mexican films, establishing a good reputation for quality production and creativity.

  • She has worked in the production of films like “Rambo II” and “Salvador” (Oliver Stone) filmed in Mexico; And it has produced such films as “Fistfighter” (USA / Spain), and “Present” (Germany) and “Edmilson” (Germany), among others. She has produced Mexican films like “Hair Gallo”, “Bakman Granny” and “Raptola, Violola and Matola; The subsequent First Prize winner of the Mexican Academy of Humor. In 2015 she produced “The Dove and the Crow” (Mexico) and co-produced “Bribery of Heaven” and “Tamara and Catarina”.
  • She has also been executive producer of the documentary “Long live independence” (UK 2013), “Move to the rhythm of María Espinoza” (UK 2012), “The rise and fall of Esteban Ortega” (UK 2011), “Ignite Ride “Australia, 2011). In the last year, she produced the highlight “Time Riders” (Mexico, 2015) documentary.




Director and producer of documentary films, born in 1969.

  • He began his career in 1992, performing the documentary “Neruda in Isla Negra”
    In 1995 created the MAROMA, media company focused on the development of documentary projects such as TV shows, movies and special projects.
  • He is founder and executive director of the International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City: DocsDF.
  • He has participated as a juror in national and international festivals and selection committees projects for the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE), the National Film Board of Ecuador (CNCINE), the Film Institute of Uruguay (ICAU) Audiovisual Fund and Colombia (PRO IMAGES).
  • He received the IMAGE MIND award, presented by Discovery Channel and the magazine Quo. He was elected General Coordinator of the Network of Mexican Film Festival, RedMexFest.




Born in 1970

  • Among the documentaries he has produced are “REDEMPTION (Redemption)” (2000) Production Designer with Kino Films. “EIGHT CANDLES (Eight Candelas)” (2006) Executive Producer Films Goliath. “DIE IS IN HEBREW” (2006) Executive Producer Films Goliath.”Every day is YOURS (Every day is yours)” (2006) Executive Producer Films Goliath. “ACNE” (2007) Executive Producer Goliath Films.

“ They will do everything possible to ride their past

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